21 Times Spencer Reid From Criminal Minds Was Just Too Incredible To Handle

1. He rocked every hairdo he ever had…and dealt with the haters in his midst.

2. He licked the hell out of them lips…

3. He knew so many things…but somehow had no idea how stunning he was.

4. He let his freak flag fly in the wind.

5. You wanted so badly to be phone booth girl and tell him you LOVE how weird he is.

6. His brilliance is unparalleled.

7. He gives a real nice hug…get out of here Hotch, that hug is for me!

8. He has no patience for absolutely awful literature…

9. He just brings Garcia croissants for funsies, and that gives you hope that if you were together, he would bring you croissants.

10. HENRY DRESSED UP AS HIM FOR HALLOWEEN and the world stopped turning because the adorable quota for everything on Earth had been reached.

11. And remember this brilliantly played humble brag when he met Henry?

12. He absolutely slayed those sunglassed…

13. The hair game is just out of control here.

14. There are few things sexier than a soft spoken man getting a little feisty (and with good reason).

15. His puppy eyes pierced right through you.

16. Derek did not even understand the amazing opportunity he was being given.

17. He was so tragically misunderstood.

18. He woke up like this…#flawless

19. He had eyes that people write novels about.

20. He actually made card tricks look hot…who thought that was possible?

21. He is one of the few humans on Earth that can pull off this face.