21 Totally Genius Yearbook Quotes. I Can't Believe These Actually Were Published

It starts inspirational…

…and takes a turn for SUPER WEIRD.

Here's to keepin' it short and sweet!

The more you know.

It's great that she had time to study in between frantic consumption of all the Harry Potter fandom.

There's a thin line between sarcasm and tragic, tragic irony.

Well played, Manar. Well played.

Thanks for calling it like you see it, I guess?

He's got the Chewy hair, too!

I'm sure she'll never regret that when she looks back years later.

Profound. What a linguist!

HUGE win for the Nguyens!

Boom, roasted, girl!

As soon as I saw his photo I assumed that would be his quote.

Thanks for that, Literal Larry

It's guy love, that's all it is…

It’s Turkanjadee… and JD!

It's great when you can find your passions so young.

Asking the hard-hitting questions

Wonder if they ever gave him an answer?

Certainly sounds like something he'd say.

Not a lot of people know this, but Mean Girls was actually loosely based on this kid's life.

Not another chain quote!

H/T: Mashable

At least it doesn’t end with some creepy girl crawling out form the bathtub…yeesh.