22 Babies That Are Fanboys And Fangirls Already At Their Tender Age

1. This sleeping future Doctor Who fan

2. This baby Leia

3. This baby who is using the Force

4. And this little guy who is meeting his father

5. This guy who is ready to catch 'em all

6. This baby who is just about as big as a hobbit

7. The most adorable Dark Knight

8. And this super sweet Wonder Woman

9. This tiny Superman

10. Or this baby Batman

11. This infant webslinger

12. This petite Pixar fan

13. This adorable Snow White

14. This Wendy who doesn't ever want to grow up

15. This little princess

16. This miniature explorer

17. This very tired boy wizard

18. This Frozen buddy

19. Everyones favorite Toy

20. This kid in a hat

21. This Ninja Turtle who's just a little younger than a teenager

22. This Noob gamer