22 Dogs That Don’t Actually Look Like Dogs…But We Still Like Them

1. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but way sweeter.

2. It’s such an honor to meet you, Mr. Einstein!

3. “Bark? Nah, I’m more of an ‘oink’ kind of guy.”

4. All you need now is a little mustard and relish.

5. Anyone else suddenly feel like making a wish?

6. G’day, mate! Shall we throw some more eucalyptus on the barbie for ya?

7. He vants to drink your blood!

8. This pup was purchased at a local Build-A-Bear.

9. She’s a little seal girl.

10. Dog in bear costume? Bear in dog mask? We may never know.

11. “Mom, did you have a fling with an armadillo? You can tell me…”

12. This guy has got to be at least PART tiger.

13. I think this polar bear wants some of your Coke.

14. They had to go all the way to Endor to find this cutie.

15. These ears were definitely stolen from a deer.

16. She’s both characters from The Fox and the Hound rolled into one.

17. This mop brush has a really cool mouth attachment. Wait…

18. Dobby? Is that you?

19. “Roar?”

20. This is the smallest luck dragon I’ve ever seen.

21. And this is the longest sloth I’ve ever seen.

22. I hope this kangaroo doesn’t kick in his sleep.


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