22 Sneaky Cats Caught Red-Handed With Their Hilarious Secret Stashes

1. “I was just really, really thirsty.”

2. He can’t even look his human in the face.

3. “Back. Off.”

4. “I’m so ashamed…I thought I had more.”

5. At least he’s got good taste.

6. I think someone might have been plotting a kitty uprising…

7. “Don’t worry, Mr. Orange, we’ll meet again.”

8. “You mean these weren’t my Christmas presents?”

9. “Your hair looks better down anyway.”

10. Give him 24 hours and he’ll have a new collection that’s twice as big.

11. All of his life’s savings.

12. Hey, no one likes to eat alone.

13. “You’ll be thanking me when they decide to audit your taxes.”

14. “You weren’t supposed to open the time capsule for another two years!”

15. “I can quit whenever I want, okay?”

16. “See, it says right here: these belong to the kitty, leave her alone.”

17. “Like this is any worse than your purse, lady.”

18. “You told me the humans threw them away!”

19. “Oh good, you only found half of them.”

20. He has to make sure he’s not missing anything.

21. “The dog did it. I swear.”

22. “I will remember you…


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