23 All-Time Worst Engagement Photos. #5 Couldn't Get Any More Awkward If They Tried

1. These newly engaged hamsters.

2. This couple who showered one another in their love.

3. This sensual duo.

4. This woman and her ghost lover.

5. This couple who's super into planking.

6. This couple who found love in the non-fiction section.

7. This woman who wanted her fiancé to know that size doesn't matter.

8. This doomsday couple.

9. These fellow knitters who are excited to tie the knot.

10. This couple who should've focused on their surroundings.

11. This couple whose wedding is probably being funded by the fiancée's gynecologist.

12. These lovers of small, tiny furniture.

13. This trashy engaged couple.

14. This man who's fiancée is always lifting him up when he's down.

15. This couple who photoshopped their own pictures.

16. These corny corn dog lovers.

17. This couple that was turned down by many photographers who felt uncomfortable with their poses.

18. This couple who probably sucked too much helium out of those balloons.

19. This raunchy couple who loves their club themed engagement photos.

20. This outdoorsy couple who can't get enough of leaves.

21. This couple who is super into bondage.

22. This couple who is either delivering a baby or making softcore porn.

23. This couple who really enjoys graffiti.