23 Parents Who Shouldn't Text. Except For #4, That Dad Is Awesome

They get way too sassy for their own good:

Typos are way more embarrassing with them:

Their pranks are just downright terrible:

You start to realize that they're super forgetful:

They start to develop questionable morals:

They try but fail at keeping up with pop culture:

Don't even think about teaching them abbreviations. You'll regret it:

Half of the time, they won't even remember what they meant:

They'll start giving you more unwarranted advice:

And they'll be way too honest:

But they're such easy targets, too:

Especially this one:

Sometimes they're just downright annoying:

And mean:

They'll get a little cocky, too:

Not to mention dad jokes:

And finally, this is the main reason you should just keep your parents away from any and all technology.

H/T Buzzfeed