25 Disney Princesses That Understand the Struggle of Being 25

1. When you get all dolled up to go out and it's still awful

2. Whenever you're somewhere with free food

3. When you talk about running away on an adventure with your friends

4. When you and your friend make that pact to get married if you're both still single in 10 years

5. When your mother asks when you plan on having kids

6. When a college student says they can't wait to graduate

7. When you have no idea what all the hip new slang terms mean

8. When you PRETEND to know what all the hip new slang terms mean (and are completely wrong)

9. Whenever someone asks if you want to do shots

10. When you find your first grey hair

11. Whenever someone looks better than their Tinder pictures

12. When you go out with people who are a few years younger than you and realize you can't party anymore

13. When a family member tells you how much you've grown up

14. When you leave a party at 9 p.m. and people give you shit for it

15. When you think you have your life figured out, and realize of course you don't

16. When you realize you can't eat all the junk food you ate in college anymore

17. When you realized your parents were married by the time they wer your age

18. When you have to shop for home items for the first time

19. When you get yet ANOTHER wedding invite from someone your age

20. When you realize you're going to have to start paying for insurance and other things soon

21. When you have no idea how to use the newest app everyone is talking about

22. When your college calls your parents house to ask you for money

23. When you dream about that day you won't have a student loan to pay

24. When you find out that a celebrity just turned 21

25. When you finally ditch the people in your life doing more harm than good