25 Hilarious Cat Fails That Will Make You Smile For The Rest Of The Day

1. “Looks empty, but better double check…”

2. “What a lovely vie–whoopsy daisy.”

3. Trying to warn him or giving him a push?

4. So tiny, so brave, so close.

5. “I got lost.”

6. Brothers can be pretty scary.

7. “Up, up, and awAHHH!”

8. “See, I don’t need humans to be entertained…”

9. “Oh no. Not again.”

10. Do a barrel role!

11. “What water? Oh, THIS water.”

12. “I don’t like your fur, sir.”

13. “I meant to do that!”

14. “Okay, I guess I have put on a little weight.”

15. Smart enough to open doors, not enough to move his head.

16. “This is fine…I can live like this.”

17. “SOS!”

18. “I! WILL! GET! YOU!”

19. Sure, that’s efficient.

20. “Whatever, the view’s not that great anyway.


22. “…What the heck just happened to me?”

23. “Gotta make the goal!”

24. “Wait…What is…Yep, here I go.”

25. “GOTCHA…nope.”


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