25 Moments Caught On Google Earth That Could Not Have Been Timed Better

1. The morning after…

2. This Russian man chasing after a bear.

What on Earth…?

3. This butterfly who loves to land on Google cars.

4. This seagull who gave zero f*cks about Google's camera.

5. This monkey riding on a sidecar.

6. This person who is decidedly an escaped convict.

7. This epic bird poo.

8. The cast of Wayne's World, apparently?

9. This bizarre-o science experiment.

10. This miracle of life!

11. This dude, just chillin' in a garbage can.

12. This absolutely horrifying scene.

13. Don't take the Northwestern bus anytime soon.

14. Nothing to see here, just a tiger lurking in a parking lot.

15. This epically flooded area.

16. This extraterrestrial life form.

No one thought that Google Earth would discover aliens but voila!

17. This person who burned too much incense…

18. This guy who is clearly up to no good.

19. This…whatever this is.

20. Either twins or some paranormal nonsense is going on here.

21. This capable driver.

22. Just some monkeys, doin' monkey stuff.

23. This person who is just biffing it SO hard.

24. Apparently Google Earth is just full of monkeys, all the time.

25. Run free, my man! Live your life!