25 Super Cozy Animals Who Have Reached Complete And Total Comfort

1. “Pillows? Psh.”

2. Body pillow or brother? Same thing!

3. He’s very picky about his mattresses.

4. He won’t move until the sun goes down.

5. “Sorry, I called dibs.”

6. Cat logic exists even when they’re unconscious.

7. “Stay back! I am not leaving this spot!”

8. Cushions are totally overrated.

9. Raise your paws if you’ve never felt more relaxed.

10. He got a little too zen mid-yoga.

11. Dreaming of more naps.

12. She only inches forward for the sun’s rays.

13. Good thing there’s the extra chair over there.

14. Stretch and…zzz.

15. “Yep, here’s good.”

16. He ordered the big bowl of comfy.

17. Let’s just hope he has a strong grip.

18. Swan-dive into sleeps.

19. Does the blood not rush to kitty heads?

20. Honestly just 10000% jealous of this pup.

21. It took him hours to find this spot.

22. The best friends are the ones you can snooze on.

23. “Just try and take this blanket. I dare ya.”

24. He couldn’t be happier to be her pillow pet.

25. Pocketful of cozies.


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