​Amazing lifehacks you need to know

Everyone says knowledge is power, and in this video, we are sharing with you the best life hacks you should know for every situation. This video compilation will help you deal with all of the everyday problems you encounter and give you some inspiration to do some crafts for the future as well.

Most of us are used to wearing eyeglasses. Sometimes it’s because of aesthetic purposes and other times because they are a necessity. For all of us who have some experience with wearing eyeglasses, we know how annoying and difficult it is to go through your everyday life without them getting in the way. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant hacks you can do to your glasses in order to make your life easier. We show you how to lay down while still keeping your eyeglasses straight on your faces and we also show you how to prevent them from sliding off your nose by adjusting the earpiece using a blowdryer.

We are no strangers to those annoying little pieces of wood that get stuck inside your skin. So, we found the best, most painless and effective way to get rid of those splinters. You simply warm up a shot glass using a match and then you place it on your skin. The warmness of the glass will create a suction effect and the splinter will be removed instantly.

Have you ever been in a situation where you can no plaster available when you really needed them? Well, not anymore, because we found a brilliant way to create your own scar plaster simply by boiling an egg. The skin attached to the egg-shell which is between the egg white and the eggshell will act as a protectant. It will prevent bacteria from entering the wound and help it the cut heal faster.

Are you suffering from an extremely intolerable toothache that is preventing you from enjoying your food? Then, we have the best hack for you. We show you a perfect DIY recipe treatment that will relieve the pain until you are able to visit the dentist and get your tooth sorted. Simply mix some cloves with some olive oil and using a cotton pad apply the mixture on your tooth. This will get rid of the pain temporarily.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant life hacks for when you have minor accidents and how to find the simplest and most affordable solution to any problem

0:07 – Eyeglasses tricks
1:18 – How to fix broken eyeglasses
1:52 – How to remove a splinter
2:14 – Alternative plasters for your fingers
2:36 – How to fix your bra wire
2:53 – Get rid of a toothache
3:36 – Make a bruise disappear
4:24 – First aid antibiotic treatment
5:15 – Get rid of sweat stains
5:53 – Bandage hack
6:14 – Genius hacks with rubber bands
6:59 – DIY kitchen tongs
7:52 – Brilliant nail polish hacks
9:10 – DIY jewelry
9:57 – Chapstick hacks
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    Kitchen tricks which will make you a 80 lvl chef > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOCpxnHsiYs

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