26 Parents That Might As Well Forget Their Day Jobs And Pursue A Career In Comedy

1. When you see Meatloaf, you'll understand.

See? Seems like a perfectly good place to keep money!


3. The perfect blend of old and new school.

4. Ah, to be in the big city!

5. Alec thought he could slip her under the radar…

6. Everyone's body is a little different…

7. Music is the best medicine.

8. Spongecake, indeed.

9. Hardly even a disappointment.

10. Selfie game on FLEEK!

11. At least her hands appear to be on 10 and 2!

12. A little Freudian, but still hilarious.

13. Tired after a long day at work.

14. In case they forgot where their room was, how nice!

15. How very stylish!

16. You've got to love this.

17. Old habits die hard.

18. There's nothing wrong with a little self-affirmation.

19. It's hard to feel replaced.

20. You better werk!

21. Nothing like getting a selfie from your dad and Night Rider, amirite?

22. Pair o' docs!

23. That'll do the trick.

24. For when the voicemail is down.


26. Hilarious is as hilarious does.