26 People Who Aren't The Sharpest Tool In The Shed. Does #3 Even Have A Brain?

1. The person who had one job…but just couldn’t get it right.

2. This person who doesn’t understand how his bike keeps getting stolen.

3. This person who can’t figure out why their surge protector isn’t working like it should.

4. This coach who couldn’t quite get his cool together…

5. This person who thought that the grocery store had gotten him his own carport.

Newsflash sir, your car is not a shopping cart.

6. This guy who thought Beats by Dre were a brand of head bands.

7. This person who shouldn’t have been given a driver’s license.

8. This extreme neat freak who took her Dirt Devil outside to clean the grass.

9. This man who doesn’t realize that he’s cover his head with an umbrella that could cover his whole body…

10. This wedding photo bomber.

11. This girl who forgot what eyebrows were shaped like.

12. This mom who can’t figure out where the kid goes in the stroller.

“Seems legit…”

13. This guy who couldn’t think of a better way to block the sunlight.

14. This person who is unfamiliar with how “selfies” really work.

15. The person who forgot that plastic actually melts when it comes into contact with flames.

16, This teacher who couldn’t figure out a better way to put her computer to sleep.

17. The person who had to improvise when they realized that they were out of birthday candles.

18. This person who couldn’t figure out how roundabouts work.

19. This woman who can’t figure out how sliding doors really work.

20. The tree hugger who wanted everyone to “Go Green” but still drives a car that get 10 MPG.

21. This hockey players who has obviously taken too many hockey pucks to the head.

22. This singer who should’ve known how to properly use a microphone.

23. This girl who wonders why she never has a full tank of gas.

24. The person in charge of keeping this building safe and secure.

25. This person who never mastered the art of check writing.

26. This guy who’s more concerned with the safety of his hair instead of protecting his own life.