26 Pets Who Hilariously Seemed To Miss The Whole Point Of These Simple Things

1. I bet it makes perfect sense to the little guy.

2. Nap in the air-conditioned home? Nah, he’d rather chill in 100-degree weather…on a hot sleeping bag.

3. “This is my home now.”

4. Just working on that winning smile.

5. Well, I guess if he’s comfortable…

6. “Wha…what just happened?”

7. “I fetched!”

8. “Why are you throwing things at me???”

9. “This new bed is a little weird, but it smells good.”

10. “This is so much fun!”

11. Nice try, springy thingy, but this guy isn’t believing any of your evil, evil lies.

12. He thinks he’s stuck outside.

13. The hammock just wasn’t snug enough.

14. “What the…WHO ARE YOU?”

15. That’s not how couches work, buddy.

16. “Why is everyone laughing at my awesome hat?”

17. “Uh, it’s the latest in cat fashion, okay?”

18. There’s water in his bowl, but he’d rather stare this cup down.

19. Maybe he just really wanted bunk beds.

20. “Brother! How are you breathing in there??”

21. “Schrödinger who?

22. “You’re me…But I’m me…”

23. “Holy crap, I have x-ray vision.”

24. “These stairs are weird.”

25. Well, at least she’s ready for accidents.

26. “Shut up and drive, jerk.”


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