26 Pieces of Advice That Have Actually Helped People With Mental Illness

With that expert’s list of ways to manage anxiety, the latest trendy mental health app and that “magical cure for depression” your aunt heard about on TV, it seems like everyone’s full of mental health advice these days.

So, we asked our mental health community to share pieces of advice they’ve actually found helpful. These little nuggets of wisdom aren’t FDA-approved, but when used correctly side effects may include: self-care, acceptance and a little more patience with yourself.

“On a particularly difficult day, I was trying to fight through an anxiety attack and finish all the child-related tasks I needed to complete. My husband kept offering help, and I kept refusing. He pulled me aside in the laundry room as I was frantically folding another load and said, ” It doesn’t immediately make the anxiety go away, but it’s helped me learn to let go.” — Maria Heldreth

Chances are, someone knows exactly what you’re going through.” — Kristin Salber

“I have depression and anxiety (as well as other chronic medical conditions), and after the worst week I’ve had in a while, my doctor  said, This really had an impact on me and still reminds me to look for a silver lining.” — Faith Merryn

“I have generalized anxiety disorder, and I made friends with someone who’s extremely similar to me. She told me to It truly did help.” — Julia Ann Lange

— Melissa Cote

“A friend recently told me that no matter if I get a job one day or not, When I think of it that way, it’s easier to see my life as something of worth.” — Emma Wozny

“A great therapist I had told me to I felt like I was expected to magically ‘get better,’ and she helped me learn that starting with baby steps was totally OK.” — Jen Decker

“Someone said, And it has.” — Tom Everman

“I have anxiety and major depressive disorder. This is going to sound ridiculous, but my best friend once told me, It actually works when I’m panicking, too. It gets my mind off whatever I’m obsessing about, and I usually end up laughing.” — Dawn Czarnecki Seshadri

“It wasn’t long after my diagnosis that I was told pretty bluntly: ‘This illness is has no cure. You’re going to carry this illness for the rest of your life. — Lyss Trayers

“My depression and anxiety stem from a traumatic childhood. Just hearing from my psychologist was incredibly helpful.” — Kathrine Elise

— Kerri Lewis Brock

— Allyson White

“The best advice: — Julie Jeatran

instead of dwelling on all the things we perceive as failures.” — Jennifer Northrup

“I have post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder. When I was in intensive outpatient therapy, the counselor looked at us and said, For some reason, that resonated with me.” — Nicole Hanes

“They told me this: — Kallie Kieffer

— Arielle Smith

No excuses.” — Jennifer Davis

. Thanks to that, I started therapy and I’m now on the path to recovery.”  — Julianne Leow

— Katherine J Palmer

“Remember: Depression lies. Don’t believe it.” — Beth Brogan

— Meghan Shultz

— Stephanie Lynn

You absolutely have to save a little of yourself for yourself.” — Shawn Henfling

“” — Michelle Balck

Answers have been edited and shortened. 

By Sarah Schuster


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