26 Text Messages That Will Make You So Happy Cell Phones Were Invented. #4 Is TOO Funny

1. Classic pothead politeness

2. The Baker's Bane

3. An important lesson on texting and driving

4. When you want pecan pie more than even you might realize

5. No one will be able to crack this code.

6. Old friends that you really want to hear from.

7. This person who is great at understanding directions.

8. The heart wants what the heart wants. And sometimes it wants cereal.

9. Need-to-know information about grasshoppers.

10. Never pin yourself up against pop tarts. Rookie mistake.

11. Get it together, Grammy.

12. The most empathetic ghost.

13. For those keeping score, Google also accepts full sentences.

14. An apt analysis.

15. 🙁

16. How fried are the fish fillets?

I’d say they’re lightly fried.

17. BOOM! One point mom!

18. Let the kid sleep, damn!

19. Moms don't always have time for proper grammar.

20. The harshest sentencing of all.

21. Animals are hard.

22. Hygiene is important.

23. Don't forget to crank dat

24. Sometimes Michael Cera just happens.

25. This feels like a totally warranted and appropriate reaction to an innocent joke…

26. LINDA!!!!