26 Times People Were Awesome…Even When They Didn't Have To Be

1. This how we end unemployment, one clean suit at a time.

2. This guy who knows how to park his truck.

3. This homeowner who wanted to save this tree.

4. This business owner found a way to help the homeless community.

5. If this doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

6. This is how a business ensures that it has returning customers for life.

7. Good city, San Fran.

8. This is the right way to park your Smart car.

9. The mayor of Chicago happened to encounter a lady who was on a phone interview. He gave her a good reference.

10. I'd continue to watch everything this reporter covers, after this.

11. Talk about the world's best neighbor, right here.

12. We seem to forget how many lives doctors save all of the time. Thank one, today.

13. This would ensure my support, even after Tornado relief.

14. I want to live there NOW!

15. These bikers choosing to not take up all of the parking spaces.

16. These guys who wanted to do a good thing for someone, but still didn't want to get robbed.

17. Good Guy Greg is quite the person.

18. This establishment has a heart of gold.

19. This polite warning to following cars.

20. Who could be upset after received FREE chipotle?

21. Good guy, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

22. The gas station owner who didn't have to offer such accommodations.

23. This car who didn't want you to freak out.

24. IKEA, keepin' it classy and cool.

25. A university cop who showed some compassion.

26. This athlete who decided that a human life was way more important.