26 Tumblr Users That Don't Have A Clue What The Science Of Nature Is

1. When someone realized just how messed up Florida actually is

2. When they figured exactly what these fish were thinking

3. When someone realized that shrimp are superior to humans

4. When they found out that not everything tastes like chicken

5. When they used their extensive knowledge to remind someone why something is a HORRIBLE idea

6. When they really used nature to its full potential

7. When they had a debate over the species of this animal

8. When they created some pretty messed up animal hybrids

9. When someone found the owl that might have the secrets of life

10. When they figured out why some species aren't around anymore

11. When they found the real life Giving Tree

12. When they realized how sad this seal actually is

13. When they realized nature isn't quite what it seems

14. When they realized this totally missed opprotunity

15. When they got fed up with plants mocking them

16. When they asked the big questions

17. When they played translator to a couple lions

18. When they realized that even nature makes mistakes

19. When they didn't understand what coral had to be stressed about

20. When they learned that some people might be part banana

21. When they had some questions about reality

22. "May we shake noses?"

23. When they found this fabulous bird

24. When they learned just how helpful nature can be

25. When they figured what these gators must be saying to each other

26. When they decided to improve on some animals