27 Animals That Have The Uncanny Ability To Brighten Your Spirits With Their Looks

1. This kitten who just figured out the meaning of life.

2. This dog who is reenacting the scene in The Sound of Music where Maria runs through the flowers singing about the hills being alive.

3. These two who have found absolutely perfect nap partners in one another.

4. This moment captured of someone seeing what they want their future to look like.

5. This little guy who lets you know that sometimes it's OK to be tired out and not want to keep going on a walk.

6. This reminder to play in the dirt sometimes, even if you're wearing white!

7. This aspiring yogi.

8. Joe Cool.

9. This avid little reader.

10. This little pup who accidentally got into dad's dresser.

11. These twins who actually have very different personalities!

12. This fluffy little fluff ball.

13. This school bus driver who's a bit of a curmudgeon but has a heart of gold.

14. Spiky yet lovable.

15. This extremely wrinkled bundle of love.

16. This cat who loves nothing more than the smell of fresh rice.

17. Little Red Riding Hood!

18. Pocket-sized cutes!

19. Nothing like cuddling up with a good book!

20. Thank you for being a friend!

21. A tub and some fascinating fiction…is there anything better?

22. The most dapper businessmen Wallstreet has ever seen!

23. PILE ON!

24. Sippin' on some giggle water in the sunshine…ahh, vacation!

25. When you're so excited you can't keep your tongue in!


26. This little guy who doesn't even care how much fur he has around his nose.

27. And this little lady who just wants to spend a day shadowing someone on the force.