27 Harry Potter Items To Make The Perfect Harry Potter-Themed Bedroom

1. This lamp perfect for any Hedwig fan

2. Or this lamp, which will help you conquer death

3. This magical light switch cover

4. Get their name in the most magical font there is

5. A lamp to ensure they'll always be watched over

6. Get them a poster that shows how long you'll love them

7. Winged keys make for excellent decorations

8. Or a perfect mobile

9. This poster will let them know they've gotten where they need to go safely

10. Go all out with this incredible mural

11. Make sure they know their house from birth

12. No matter what house it may be

13. Make them their own Mandrake, who won't scream all night

14. Or the best friend they'll ever have

15. Knit them their own Hogwarts gear, including the sorting hat

16. Keep them warm in their own copy of the Marauder's Map

17. Or hang it on their wall

18. Create a beautiful enchanted ceiling

19. Add small touches to their dresser

20. Fill the room with cornish pixies

21. Have Hagrid watch over them

22. Add a secret entrance to their room

23. Get them prepared for potions class early

24. Be sure they're sleeping nice and safe with Fluffy keeping guard

25. Organize their missing socks

26. Add these throw pillows for a perfectly mischievous room

27. Create magical wand mobile