27 Yearbook Quotes That Never Should Have Been Published, But We're Glad They Did

1. This regret everyone will have

2. The most terrifying vegetarian

3. The emoticon

4. This quote from everyone's best friend

5. The hashtag quote

6. This meaning of life

7. Who doesn't, Joseph?

8. This scientifically accurate quote

9. This guy who just wants his sweatshirt back

10. This unfortunate name

11. This quote from everyone's favorite superhero

12. This sauce quote

13. These…interesting life goals

14. This quote that is way too real

15. This truth about biceps

16. This girl who is keeping it real

17. This disappointment

18. This very aspirational quote

19. Dobby's quote

20. These great paired quotes

21. This girl who has very strong thoughts on pizza

22. Aaron, who knows what's up

23. This sad quote

24. This promo quote

25. Mom's quote

26. This coding quote

27. This honest, but disappointing quote