28 Times Parents Proved They Might Just Have Texting Figured Out

1. This mom who is totally up on the hip cool lingo

2. Just like this super hip parent

3. This accessory to murder

4. This dad who totally gets how college works

5. This dad with excellent music taste

6. This dad who is definitely sleeping

7. This mom who is done with her kid's shit

8. This evil dad (who put way too much work into this prank)

9. This mom dishing out excellent advice

10. This dad who is always there to help

11. This very famous dad

12. This parent who has one job, and has done it

13. This mom who is just trying to protect you

14. This dad who is just a bit confused

15. This meme using mother

16. This mom who listens to all the same music

17. This mom who is very into the new technology

18. This dad learning all the new slang

19. This dad who is really into these lightly fried fish fillets

20. This very modest mother

21. This mom who knows to get the animals to do the dirty work

22. This mom asking the important questions

23. This confused dad

24. This mom who just learned a new word

25. This mom who loves a good dirty joke

26. This dad who I would not trust with my food

27. This dad with a real sick burn

28. This very serious father