29 Kids Books With Sexual Innuendos Hopefully Only Adults Will Understand

1. That definitely doesn't seem appropriate for children

2. Um…that's supposed to be a kiss?

3. Well no one wants that!

4. Uh, no…not the best tip

5. Right, "sleeping"

7. This kid needs to rethink his choices

8. Well, that other kid is sure to know about this

9. I think it's good they didn't include any pictures for this one

10. That's illegal in most places…

11. Gotta be careful with those flip books

12. Pleasure Island doesn't seem like the best place

6. Please don't do that, your cat will not appreciate it

13. This feels offensive to Japan?

14. This sounds like an awful game

15. So kinky, Teddy Bear

16. I don't know if I like Lion being so aggressive

18. That's one way of explaining it

19. Well? What did he lick?

20. That pig is too happy to be serving bacon and ham

21. No one, apparently

22. What is happening!?

23. That is true

24. Please don't be so forceful, book

25. Life is hard, dude

26. Look at all those seamen!

27. Oh my…

28. Yeah, been there…

17. Curious George Gets High

29. Not sure if that's quite how it works