3 DIY Ways to Wake Up More Beautiful (No More Pillow Face!)

3 DIY Ways to Wake Up More Beautiful (No More Pillow Face!)

February 5, 2016

Beauty rest is about more than just clocking hours! It takes a little planning if you’d like to wake up looking refreshed and lovely.

Here are three simple things you can do to make mornings that much prettier

This trick has been around for centuries. The smooth, delicate texture of silk prevents those wrinkles and “sheet lines” that seem to take the better part of your day to get rid of. 

  • Silk pillowcases

Slip the silk pillowcases right over your pillows. The silk needs to be able to slide and move so it doesn’t make a pleat against your face.

Sleeping with an elevated head prevents the puffiness and swelling that often happens during the night. The pillow “throne” will also make it more difficult to sleep on your side or face, which often leads to lines and creases. 

  • 4 pillows

Put two pillows behind your head to comfortably prop up your entire torso.
Slide a pillow along both sides of your body and fit them up under your armpits like the arms of a chair.


When you sleep with cool air circulating, you can slip into deeper, more reposeful sleep much more easily and then wake up looking more rested. So open a window and grab an extra blanket.

  • Warm socks
  • Warm blankets
  • Hat

Keep windows open or a cooling fan on, then wrap up with socks, a warm blanket, and, if it’s really cold, a hat.


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