33 Absolutely Hilarious Things Posted on Yik Yak

1. This night owl

2. This idea we wish we had come up with

3. This reality of college

4. This great piece of inspiration

5. This amazing analogy

6. This great point

7. This chill moment

8. This response

9. This top notch product


11. This perfect exchange that we hope was real

12. This perfect summation of college

13. This dream which took a dark turn

14. This TMI admission

15. This horrible realization

16. This impressive accomplishment

17. This truly great idea

18. This idea we all need

19. This…gross realization

20. This perfect idea

21. This sad reality

22. This important question

23. This person Tinder needs to hire

24. These two very different ideas

25. This conversation we don't recommend you recreate

26. This joke that is getting old

27. This perfect joke

28. This very wishful thinking

29. This fantastic explanation

30. This feeling we've all felt

31. This fantasy

32. This neat trick!

33. This epic prank