33 Fashion Cheat Sheets for Women to Keep Your Knowledge on Point

1. The neck line:

2. The hat collection:

3. Perfecting the sunglass look:

4. The Necklace line:

5. Advice from the Petite section:

6. To get the perfect cuff:

7. Know your coats:

8. Know your plaid:

9. Know your heel:

10. Know your bra:

11. Know your skirt:

12. Know your dress:

13. A how-to-look more European guide:

14. Know when to actually wash your clothes

15. For those of us who can't match:

16. Know your frock from your princess and your parka from your quilted parka:

17. Know what to splurge on:

18. The mix and match:

19. Know how to pack:

20. Everything you need throughout the day:

21. Know your dress and the affair:

22. Know your dress part 2:

23. How to rock the boyfriend jeans look:

24. Know your purse:

25. Know your scarf:

26. Know your style:

27. Know how to wear your favorite pair of black leggings:

28. Know how to tuck in your favorite pair of not-so-skinny jeans:

29. Know your eyewear:

30. Know what to pack:

31. Know your patterns:

32. And how to mix them and match them:

33. And finally, know that some clothing stores run small and some run big:

There are a lot of fashion dos and don’ts, but there are also a lot of rules in fashion you can make on your own terms. This guide is just an example how many different trends and styles there are out there. It is important to find what makes you feel most like yourself and go with that!