33 People With Chronic Illnesses Share the Best Advice They’ve Received

When you’re sick, you undoubtedly hear tons of advice. “Just breathe.” “Relax.” “Think positive.” Sometimes these cliches work for you, and other times you just want someone to get real. We turned to our chronic illness community to share advice they’ve heard that actually helped them. We hope at least one of these strikes a chord with you.

— Linda Wilbur Scott

— Manda Baca

— Carris Brown

— Sharon Lambkin

— Joanne Shearer

— Sandra Spinks

— Tia Borkowski

— Tristen Wuori

— Pamela Jessen

— Jackie Le

— Janet Oney

— Angel Parrett

— Tanya Gray

— Victoria Churchill

— Ali Zimmerman

— Whitney Williams

— Bridget Flynn

— Rebekah Hale

— Cynthia Rhodes Alberson

— Mariah Hanley

— Mary Stewart

— Kerry Young

— Jackie Henning

— Julie Pruitt

— Heidi Mathey

— Angela S. Davis

— Alexis Pearl

— Wendy Simpson

— Tami Birk

— Alexandria Hoehl

— Kat VR

— Sherry Cook

— Gretchen McLachlan

By The Mighty Staff


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