Don’t you love when you find unexpected ways to organize your home? We’ve found a ton of ideas for using binder clips, magazine holders to organize.
Magazine holders – whether plastic, metal, wood, cardboard or some other material are not just for storing your magazines. They’re more versatile than you might have expected and space saving! Here are some brilliant hacks: you can organize your kitchen cleaning supplies and toilet paper; store your hot irons inside; use of a decorative magazine holder as a shelf.
If your room is too small to create vertical storage for your cosmetics by using a picture frame and magnets! With a magnetic board, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Also, it could be a nice décor idea for your space.
Find out a lot of uses for binder clips that will change your life such as cable catcher and wardrobe organizer.
Organizing our home is not an easy task. But there are always some clever organizational tips which can help us organize and make our life much easier: unexpected ways to use hooks in the kitchen; toilet paper rolls organizer; how to save space in the refrigerator and reuse old hangers.
I have a ton of hangers in my closet, but I always had the feeling that they could do more. Watch our video and learn that hooked together with a can tab, two hangers save a lot of closet space; use shower rings to store the entire scarf collection; make non-slip hangers in one minute.
Watch our video and learn how to fold a shirt in 2 minutes! We share with you the genius technique for achieving the perfect fold—and it takes less than three seconds flat. You can even make a special folding board out of cardboard to make folding shirts even easier.
Find out an easy way how to store the plastic bags from an empty cleaning wipe dispenser. Clean and dry and old dispenser, fold your bags inside and check that the handles of a bag are on the top side.

00:26 DIY as cable catcher
01:04 Hot irons organizer
02:23 Plastic bag dispenser
07:25 Magnetic pad for cosmetics
08:13 Clothes hanger hacks
09:08 Folding ideas

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