5 Things In 'Dirty Dancing' That Will Definitely Surprise You

Due to the film's, shall we say, less-than-ideal circumstances before its debut, it posed several interesting tidbits nobody really knows, or would even expect.

1. Test audiences hated it

So much in fact, that producers heavily weighed in on the possibly of releasing the film straight to VHS

2. Producer Linda Gottlieb came up with the title before the story

She also suggested the plot to the writer once he revealed he used to travel across the country ‘dirty dancing’

3. The film was actually shot in Fall

Any scene in the movies featuring trees had to be painted over green in post-production

4. Close up shots were purposefully excluded from the lake scenes

The lake was so cold, the performers lips had turned blue. Another attempt to cover up the Autumn weather

5. Jennifer Grey was to afraid to practice her now infamous lift

Her first attempt was on camera!

BONUS: Swayze pleaded to eliminate his now iconic line

“Nobody puts baby in a corner”