52 Days Before Her Wedding, Her Fiance Died. What She Did Next Is Tragically Beautiful

Her beautiful wedding dress, once a symbol of excitement and a long life together, was quickly becoming a beacon of sadness and emptiness.

That's when Janine decided she was going to take her wedding photos, anyway. This way, the dress, instead of causing her gratuitous amounts of pain, would honor her late fiancé.

The underwater shots are meant to symbolize her 'cleansing' all the negative emotions she felt that were surrounding the wedding.

She believes he would have wanted it this way.

"I did it because I wanted to free myself from losing my fiancĂ©…this dress was for him. I did this because John would want me to do something like this. He was so outgoing and he wanted me to have the best life."

"I really felt that Johnny was smiling down at me and finally giving me closure that I can live my life in a positive way, but never forgetting why I was here. I want to move on and explore the world. I want to meet people who I can share that with. After the shoot I felt like all this was possible."

"If I could reach out to anyone suffering from a loss, I would tell them this: Listen to YOUR heart! You are the most important person and only YOU can help yourself."

A Story Of Hope And Healing: