6 Facts About The Existence of Mermaids

6 Facts About The Existence of Mermaids



Mermaids are half human beings half fish creatures that live in the ocean. Is the existence of mermaids true or false? Some call them superstitions; others claim that the existence of mermaids to be blatant lies. What can you believe?No evidence have been put out to proof their existence yet.
Despite no facts found yet, below are some valid evidence about these creatures existence. Below is information and some of their images showing real evidence that they do exist.

The Tsunami Mermaid


This particular evidence may make you think twice about doubting existence of these sea creatures. You will fall for the idea that they do exist. This mermaid was supposedly found on the beach after an Indian Ocean hurricane havoc back in 2004. The body corpse is being preserved at the museum for historical site purposes.

The Bloomsbury Mermaid



This particular mermaid originated from West Coast Africa but resides in London. Scientists have examined her and have been fascinated by the results. This particular creature resembles a mummy and has a height of about 16 inches long. She sits on her tail quite often and looks like a female from the waist upwards.

The Feejee Mermaid



This mermaid is one of the most typical mermaids in all time history. A scientist from a museum claimed to have caught this creature near the Feejee Islands. He traveled to New York to put out his evidence on the creature. Reporters and people with doubts upon seeing the mermaid believed that these creatures do exist. The creature appeared skinny, black, ugly, and a complete opposite of what people claim about the physical appearance of mermaids.

The Mermaids of Artist Juan Cabana



The mermaid was washed up to the ocean shore in 2006 back in Florida. The creature was ugly, and it caught the attention of many people. Many people called it a fish with a human head. What a scene, the art was later developed and spread all over in social media and the newspapers. The fish seemed so real and creepy.

The Malaysian Mermaid



In 2006, tourists and visitors from all around went to Malaysia to see the fish being referred to as a mermaid. The creature had taken months before it was captured. After long efforts, it was captured and showcased at the museum for concrete facts purposes. The one who captured the mermaid never mentioned where he caught it and left it out as a secret. Despite that, the creature appears creepy and very real once observed.

The Papua New Guinea Mermaid



A ship passing across the coast of New Zealand islands came across a creature with a human body. Is it one of the half human beings half fish creatures? At first, their perception deemed to be a female corpse. On calling the rescue team and the body removed, it was noticed that it was a mermaid body. Is this real or is just a hoax? Well, the image will help you confirm your doubts.

With the above facts laid out, these half human beings half fish creatures originate from the human family tree in the form of fish, and they do exist. Scientists have also proven that it revolves all around the human evolution. With the above facts about mermaids, it should remove your doubts on whether to believe or not to believe in the existence


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