6 TOP TRAVEL LIFE HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW (from a 7 year nomad)

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The Virgin Islands. The Name just gives me tropical, peaceful and warm vibes (as corny as that sounds).

St John is known as the “Jewel of the Caribbean”. After searching for two weeks for tips on which island to stay and what to do, I figured St. John would be the perfect place for us. It is almost fully national park, so there isn’t much development, there aren’t many shops or restaurants (and where there are – they are awesome and adorable), and there are some of the most gorgeous beaches all within minutes of each other. When you take the ferry over here from St. Thomas (which was cruise central when I left – thousands of tourists pouring out of the boat day to day), you feel such a sense of peace and calm. It’s perfect!! From St John you can travel all over the virgin islands – spend a day in jost van dyke, tortola, or the baths on virgin gorda!

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    Hey you, been a stretch. I got a cool channel for you to check out. Search for LaVagabond. A couple sailing the world. Pretty popular vlog. Hope all is good. Did you pick a place and wedding date yet?

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