7 Signs You're Totally The Samantha of Your Circle of Friends

In case you didn't know, Samantha Jones was an EPIC friend to Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte and Miranda in the hit TV show, Sex and The City.

She was known for her outspoken opinion and her behavior that kept her uniquelyy herself. If you are anything like Samantha that would be a good thing. Check out some of the things that make her and YOU so great. 

1. You're insanely confident.

Samantha always did whatever she wanted and you should too. 

2. You don't worry what people think about you.

You can’t be bothered by other people and whatever their opinions may be. 

3. You know the importance of loving yourself.

This might sound a little selfish but at the same time, sometimes the world can be a little selfish. Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you determined and passionate about your life and your future. 

4. You like to try new things.

And in a world where there are SO MANY things to experience why wouldn’t you try some of them out?!

5. Your friends are your life.

You value your friendships and you’ll do anything for them. 

6. You live your life and you don't judge or worry about the lives of others.

Because, again, WHY would you?

7. You're focused and love your career

You are self-reliant and work for everything you have. You’re a go-getter and that is an amazing thing.