7 Simple Magic Tricks You Can Perform With Food That Look Awesome

Sinking Orange

Instructions: fill a glass halfway with water, place the intact orange in and watch it float. Take the orange out, peel it, put it back into the glass and watch it sink.

Banana Notes

Instructions: etch a message into the skin of a banana and watch as, 15 minutes later, your message appears for all to see

Milk Rainbows

Instructions: pour milk onto a plate, add a few drops of food coloring, wet a toothpick in dish detergent and put it in the milk to make your rainbows

Easy Raisins

Instructions: place your grapes on a baking sheet and place them in the oven, bake them slowly until they’ve been dehydrated

Mood Soda

Instructions: place drops of food coloring into the bottom of the cup and let them dry, place ice cubes over the dried coloring to hide it, and watch as someone who pours the clear soda into the cup looks on in amazement

Colorful Cabbage

Instructions: put some food coloring at the bottom of a glass, place the bottom of a leaf of cabbage into the glass, and watch as the piece becomes that color over the next couple of days

Hot Dog Spaghetti

Instructions: boil the pot of water, cut the hot dogs into 1-inch pieces, poke the spaghetti through the pieces of hot dog, boil until the spaghetti is soft.


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