7 Trails To Hike In Southern California If You Have Any Sort Of Passion For The Outdoors

1. Corral Canyon's Backbone Trail

Corral Canyon’s Backbone Trail is located in Malibu and used to be where Jim Morrison would write. Morrison’s cave is only 2 miles in while the entire Backbone Trail is 12.2 miles long. 

2. Sycamore Canyon Trail

This trail is 2.4 miles long and is basically really low key. If you want some privacy on your hike, this is the place to go. It is located in Whittier, California. 

3. The Wisdom Tree Hike

The Wisdom Tree Hike is 3 miles long and located in Griffith Park. The hike is long and pretty steep, but when you get to the top it will all be worth it. This tree stands alone and has it’s own Instagram account so you know it’s legit!

4. Murphy's Ranch Trail

This hike is 3.85 miles long and located in Brentwood. While this hike is popular and definitely talked about a lot, there is a good reason for it. The trail takes you through an old, abandoned Nazi compound and it is really a site to see.

5. The Grotto Trail

A 3-mile trail located in Malibu with a ton of hidden things. You’ll walk through caves, waterfalls, grottos and boulders. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging hike, this is for you. 

6. Solstice Canyon Loop

Another 3-mile hike in Malibu but the scary thing about this hike is that you walk through a creepy, old, abandon mansion…if you like scary things this sounds like it could be for you!

7. Sunken City

This trail will be a drive down to San Pedro but it is a pretty crazy hike. It is 0.8 miles long and if you manage to ignore the no trespassing signs, you could find yourself among a town of ruins that fell victim to a massive mudslide years ago. If you’re an adventurous soul, this could be just what you’re waiting for.