8 Crafty YouTube Grandmas Who Could Teach You a Thing or Two

8 Crafty YouTube Grandmas Who Could Teach You a Thing or Two

Christine Erickson
February 4, 2016

When you envision a YouTube star, you probably think more of 18-year-olds than 81-year-olds. But along with cat video kings and superstar vloggers, some senior citizens have found that the video platform is the perfect place to share hard-earned wisdom. So respect your elders and listen up.

These grandmas have a thing or two to share, whether it’s cooking tips, beauty tutorials, or just good life advice. These women have learned their fair share of lessons, and they are kind enough to share them with the world through YouTube.

Some of the ladies share their channel with their grandchildren. Others want to embrace the technology themselves. The production quality may vary, but the lessons are well worth a click.

Let these grandmas inspire you to learn a craft, eat better, live well — or at least call your own grandmother more often.

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