9 Celebrities Share Their Met Gala Beauty Prep

Every year, New York City’s Met Gala debuts Hollywood’s elite showcasing various beauty looks that tend to range from downright shocking to absolutely stunning. A lot of work goes into each look, and thanks to social media, many celebrities have chosen to give their fans a glimpse into the daylong prep process. After browsing their latest snapshots, it’s safe to say that tonight’s tech-themed gala will be jam-packed with a few surprising style choices. Read on for our favorite celebrity beauty-prep photos!

Image courtesy of Instagram/Doutzen Kroes

In probably one of the more dramatic beauty changes, Doutzen Kroes decided to dye her hair for the Met Gala, and considering that the choppy highlights cover her entire head, we can’t wait to see what they look like.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Karolina Kurkova

Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury will be responsible for Karolina’s look tonight. With hair in rollers and slicked-back bangs, we’re thinking her look will be more dramatic than this behind-the-scenes snap lets on.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Bryce Scarlett

Drinking lots of water is great for the skin, but sometimes celebrities can’t wait for those benefits to kick in. So Kate Upton decided to skip the drinking part and instead have fluids infused with a cocktail of complexion-boosting nutrients pumped directly into her body for a pre-gala skin boost.

(Image courtesy of Instagram/Mindy Kaling)

Not only did Mindy Kaling give us a sneak peek at her red-colored mani in this pre-Met Gala snapshot, but she also gave us an inside look at her style choice for the big night—a long, white dress.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Anita Patrickson

Culpo looks undeniably stunning in this sleek, modern updo. The ends of the bun have such a hardened, sharp look that they almost don’t look real!

Image courtesy of Instagram/Adriana Lima

In true Adriana Lima fashion, the Victoria’s Secret model headed to the gym for a last-minute workout in preparation for tonight’s Met Gala.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Allison Williams

Allison Williams is taking tonight’s theme very seriously, choosing these tech-inspired nails to go with her outfit.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Sir John

Looking absolutely radiant, Karlie Kloss kept her look simple with red lips and glowing skin, courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Sir John.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Allure

Sharing an exclusive image with Allure magazine, Dunn, in mid-makeup, shows off smoky eyes and a blunt bob.

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