9 Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails We Love to Laugh About

9 Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails We Love to Laugh About

February 11, 2016

For some of us, Valentine’s Day is already hard enough to master. First, you have to find the right date. It’s easy if you’ve been married for years, but it’s “a paradox of choice” when you meet online. The pressure is on to pick out the perfect outfit — something classy yet memorable — and purchase a gift that sends the right message. Candy hearts can be too cold, flowers too lame, and jewelry too much. It’s a toss up that can leave you mentally preparing yourself for an evening ending in romantic bliss or a horrifying disaster.

While looking for inspiration to fuel our Feb. 14 fire, we had an epiphany: the expectation vs. reality of Valentine’s Day is fairly similar to a certain source that we love to blame for ruining our recipes. The comparisons shortly started coming together: if Pinterest were a holiday, it would be Valentine’s Day.

Hear us out: from a distance, Pinterest looks like a land of endless opportunity. It hosts dreams of fairytale romances and flawless dinners that all seem to end with retiring into a picturesque place you happen to call home. Like the love-struck holiday, it’s idealized, commercialized and the kind of perfection that is almost unachievable. To be fair to die-hard Pinners and Valentines worldwide, magical moments work out. The knight in shining armor comes through, the recipe turns out, the craft project impresses. But scroll through our gallery above to find out what happens when you combine two notorious #fails, Pinterest and Valentine’s Day, for the ultimate mess.

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