A Brilliant Way to Transform Your Sneakers in Under 10 Minutes

The always crafty and always well-dressed blogger Geneva of A Pair & a Spare just posted an incredible sneaker makeover we absolutely had to share. She has taken the humble sneak straight to runway chic with the simply addition of a little scrap leather and a couple of minutes of careful cutting. 

Just take a look at the images below to see how posh these look. And you can probably tell exactly what she did, right? The addition of a piece of leather neatly covering all the laces is the sneaker version of a little black dress.

We’ve narrowed down her genius idea with a few explanatory images, but check out Geneva’s complete DIY here (as well as some of her other ideas).

Here’s what you’ll need, the most pertinent items being a pair of plain black lace-up sneakers, black leather, and a multi-hole punch.  (Photo: A Pair & a Spare)

Measure and cut your leather so that when placed on your shoes it covers the laces; then cut the fringe about ¾ of the way through. For a more finished look like Geneva’s, trim the fringe ends to symmetrical points. (Photo: A Pair & a Spare)

Next, use a multi-hole punch to make holes matching where the top laces sit on the shoes. (P.S. If you don’t have one of these crafty tools, get one here.) (Photo: A Pair & a Spare)

Thread the laces through to hold the leather in place and — voilà! (Photo: A Pair & a Spare)

How cool is that? These gussied-up sneakers are definitely made for walkin’. (Photo: A Pair & a Spare)


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