A Family Saved A Poor Deer When She Was Run Over. Now She’s Even Cuter Than Ever

The sweet girl had been run over, but thankfully the damage wasn’t too severe.

They brought her to a vet who gave her some much-needed medical attention.

The family then brought her home where she was nursed back to health, pulling through her injuries like a champ. They named her Lily.

She ended up staying with them for several years after that. Her human family described her as playful and as sweet as a dog.

“She’d lay in your lap if you sat down by her, she’d eat your food, and she’d give you kisses.”

After enjoying her life with her people for a few years, Lily’s owners decided she needed a more natural habitat to roam.

They brought her to a reserve where she would have more land to enjoy, but still be protected from the elements she was no longer used to after spending so much of her life in a domestic setting.

It’s been a few years since leaving her at the facility, but the family is planning a reunion trip soon and can’t wait to see if she still recognizes them!


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