A Graffiti Artist And An Exasperated City Worker’s Hilarious Exchange Over A Year

The building, which would apparently get tagged enough to warrant a system of graffiti removal.

And thus began the experiment.

Another unrelated tagger also joined in.

True to form, the graffiti was painted over in red.

Time for Trial #2.

And so on.

This time, a third (also unrelated) tagger added to Mobstr’s “RED.”

Now things get interesting. Does the city dare venture out of the red border?

Not this time.

They’re sticking to their M.O.

Maybe the pressure washer was in the shop?

And then…tradition is broken!

How alarming!

The city officials, now probably seething (if not laughing) were caught in action one day. It looks like the pressure washer is back.

Mobstr’s insistence, combined with the squiggle on the other side, seem to cause the city to reach something of a breaking point.

“You want red? FINE, you get red!”

Of course, Mobstr had to get the last word, even if it was a concession.


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