A Hot Deal on a Thoroughly Modern Pressure Cooker (Deal of the Day)

Pressure cooking is not a new idea. But while it was once a standard practice in American kitchens, it faded in popularity compared to some other cooking technologies because — let’s face it — appliances that sometimes explode tend to put people off.

But this old culinary technique has been experiencing something of a renaissance lately, as old-fashioned pressure cookers have been updated with modern technology. This Electric Pressure Cooker from Rosewill, for example, brings pressure-cooking to bear on all kinds of food: It can make everything from rice and porridge to yogurt or chili. And it does it all fast, which is the whole point for pressure cookery in the first place; foods that can take hours to cook using regular methods can be ready in a fraction of the time when cooked under pressure. And these modern refinements have also all but eliminated the threat of explosions.

The Rosewill RHPC-15001 6L Electric Pressure Cooker is normally $100, but I got you $20. Just go to Amazon and use the code and watch the price will drop to $80.


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