A Man Invited Strangers To Draw On His Volkswagon Van And It Turned Out Amazing

What do you do with a plain old white van like this?

It seems pretty boring at first glance. But the owner saw something different and exciting – a blank canvas!

The owner of the van decided that the van would have a very unique exterior design, done by strangers with Sharpie. All that was needed was a sign and some sharpies. The rest was up to fate.

Some good-natured folks came in and got down to adding their own designs to the van’s white canvas.

Luckily, they were all pretty skilled with a sharpie in their hands.

Each person added their own style or design to the van, creating a beautiful mosaic.

The manifold designs on the VW van really are beautiful and unique.

And it seems that the people who volunteered were inspired to work earnestly and continuously on the project – some of these drawings looks like they took hours, maybe days, to complete.

This beautifully decorated octopus on the back of the van is absolutely gorgeous.

This really is an awesome idea, and shows what can happen when you get a bunch of good-willed people together to work on a project.


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