A Sweet, Easy, and Punny Valentine’s Day Gift

“Honey, bee mine!” Words anyone would be happy to hear! And even happier to see, when opening the pantry on the morning of Valentine’s Day, only to find the Honey Bee Bear turned into a funny little love note. 

If you want to celebrate V-Day with your sweetheart, but you’re not entirely the “sappy, love note type,” you can get creative and have a little fun. Finding household objects and turning them into sweet, yet ‘p-unny’ cards, is the perfect solution for a lovebird who’d rather keep it light and funny.

Whichever way you go, making the effort is really romantic!


  • Paper tag
  • Black Sharpie 
  • Yellow foam paper
  • Honey bottle
  • Yellow Ribbon


  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


1. Cut small football shapes out of the foam paper to create the body of the bee.

2. Draw thick lines across the bee with your black Sharpee.

3. Glue the bees onto the paper tag.

4. Draw antennae and wings.

5. Write “Bee Mine.”

6. Thread the ribbon through the tag and tie it around the neck of your honey bottle. 


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