Actress Busy Philipps Gets Real in Makeup-Free Selfie

Sure, Busy Philipps is gorgeous, but even celebrities need a little extra help to look like they do when they appear in magazines and on Instagram. 

Last Thursday, the “Freaks and Geeks” actress took a makeup-free selfie, edited it with a filter, and then shared both versions to Instagram. “Sometimes, you just need to FaceTune the shit out of your picture and pretend that’s what you look like for the night,” she captioned the photo. She’s not dissing FaceTune users or riding her high horse off into the #nofilter sunset. She’s just showing an edited selfie for what it is — one more way to look presentable when things just aren’t going your way. 

But lest you think Philipps just isn’t that into makeup, she recently appeared on Lena Dunham’s “Lenny Letter,” where she taught Jenny Konner to do her own makeup for an event. Philipps told Dunham that she used to volunteer to do sorority girls’ makeup when she was in college — “Were you in a sorority?” Dunham asked her. “Oh no,” Philipps said. “I was just delighted at the opportunity.” She also regularly does her own makeup for red carpet events. Plus, Philipps is a fan the “reverse contour,” aka the perfect counter to the Instagram look du jour. 

A woman who loves playing with makeup but bucks society’s rules about how it has to look and keeps it real? We can get down with that. 

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