After 10 Years, This Family Is Finally Opening These Creepy Metal Doors In Their Backyard

After uncovering it from the dirt and foliage, the vault door was still firmly rusted shut and chain-locked

But after a bit of digging, they were able to exhume the vault and open its doors

After doing some of their own research, the family discovered the vault to be a bomb shelter from the time of the Cold War

Despite flooding, they opened the old, rusty boxes they found to reveal perfectly preserved "bomb shelter food" from the 60's

Each contained their own set of essentials, all equally vintage

Things like toilet paper and an oldschool phonebook were found, among others

If this wouldn't make someone that lived in the 60's feel nostalgic, I don't know what would

In the end, the Zwick's decided to nobly donate all of the products they found to the Neenah Historical Society