Alcohol + Xanax = A Horrible Home-Made Tattoo That Goes Viral.

The Inspiration.


Tumblr user Hatboy drew up some Pokemon in the style of Tim Burton. This Charmander became the inspiration for the home-made tattoo. 

The Tattoo.


The awful rendition of Hatboy’s tattoo quickly became a sensation. 

The Swag

People quickly started creating all sorts of swag based on the awful tattoo. Here’s a sample: 


The tattoo on a water bottle. 


The tattoo, a digitized version of the tattoo, and the tattoo on a water bottle on a shirt. 

The tattoo on a water bottle on a coffee bag. 

A plushie!

A candle!

A needle point!

A necklace!

The Pokedex Entry!

The Inspirational Poster.