Amber Heard’s Windblown Waves at the 2016 Met Gala

Photo: Getty

Now that bouncy blowout hair is out, celebs are looking to other classic and elegant hair looks. Amber Heard wore a clean and modern style with a hint of volume with the help of celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica. “For this look, I channeled the quintessential Bond girl, Ursula Andress,” Vetica told Yahoo Beauty. “The look was structured yet sleek, and had a sophisticated edge that complimented Amber’s sultry features.”

Heard’s Ralph Lauren dress matched her gold hair and had a thigh-high slit, also reminiscent of a Bond girl. We’re also getting some ‘80s vibes from this look – in the best way possible.

Amber Heard’s 2016 Met Gala hair flashes back to Christie Brinkley’s ‘80s heyday. (Photo: Pinterest)

If you’re looking to move on from your signature blowout as well, this look is just as easy to recreate. Vetica started with an imprecise blowout using a round brush and aiming the dryer away from the face. He used clip-in extensions for volume, and added a few drops of water to , which he applied to the top section of the hair and continued to blow hair away from the face. He set the blowout with a mist of and backcombed the crown for even more volume. Vetica prepped the hair for heat with and then curled the hair on top of the head with a 1¾ inch iron to ensure that the volume was on the top rather than on the sides, spraying each curled section with hairspray. He then curled the upper half of the hair followed by the lower four inches, pinning the just the ends of the curls all the way around the head for length and hold. After another spritz of hairspray, he took out the pins and brushed the hair away from the face. Voila!

The look may seem complicated, but Vetica ensures that it’s easier than it sounds. “Never shy away from hot rollers, it’s my secret way of getting the right texture and bounce with any product you have at home – just prep your hair with and you’re golden,” he says. “Once you achieve that texture and volume, you can always take it out.” It’s as simple as that.

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