Amy Schumer's Song About Society's Butt Obsession is Hilarious and Gross All At Once

With celebs like Nicki Minaj and songs like Anaconda, it's pretty obvious society is really obsessed with the booty.

The butt craze may have started with Sir Mix-A-Lot, but it has definitely grown since his hit song of the '90s, Baby Got Back.

Amy Schumer took note of society's healthy (unhealthy?) obsession and quickly turned it into exactly what it is. Watch her bring the truth below.

The video casually features a decent amount of celebrities including Amber Rose, Jemima Kirke, Amber Tamblyn, and Method Man who all just so happen to be "talkin bout their fudge machine".


Here is a clip from Amy's show on Comedy Central just proving again how hilarious she really is. The clip is about her and her mom going to therapy because her mom can't remember how to use the computer…

It’s painful to watch as a lot of parents struggle with this…THANK YOU, AMY.